Best Lavender Essential Oil – Get the Best Anti-Aging Effects With Organic Lavender Oil

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Finding the best lavender essential oil can be confusing, if not overwhelming. If you are new to aromatherapy, this can really be overwhelming and confusing. Let’s face it, none of us want to waste good money on a product which is not what it promises to be! That is why in today’s article I break down what to seek out when buying lavender essential oils, and the 8 best lavender essential oil blends who all pass the test of pure quality!

First, to begin with; which one is the best lavender essential oil for your skin? lavender oil has been used for centuries as a popular and relaxing sleep aid and is still popular today. It is said that some breeds of lavender have the nature to relax you into sleep and to promote a deep and relaxing sleep. In fact, lavender is also used for other relaxing and soothing things such as: to help soothe away anxiety and nervousness, to help soothe a headache and to provide relief to minor stomach cramps and gastric discomfort. Even though it is all natural, and used for so many different uses, it is a relatively light weight oil which provides very little scent and is a fine alternative for your skin.

An Overview

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The next question you might ask yourself is, what is the best lavender essential oil for my body type? This too is quite easy to answer. Lavender oil is generally considered to be a medium scent, or scent which is uplifting and warm, and will be most pleasing to your senses upon application. For instance, a warm and uplifting lavender scent would be ideal for those people who get stressed easily and want a light scent to sooth their nerves and give them a bit of a lift. A cooler scent may be suitable for those who like their skin refreshed and lightly scented, without being too overpowering.

If you are someone who sleeps fairly well but has trouble falling asleep at night, then the best choice for you may well be a diffusing lavender oil. These types of oils are absorbed into the skin much more quickly, giving the user an ideal head start in getting to sleep, and will generally be more effective at inducing sleep. However, diffusing lavender is often best used before going to bed, as it can often be hard to sleep with a fragrance around, and can also cause irritation if you do not use it correctly.

Lavender Essential Oil Facts

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Some essential oils, which come with dropper bottles include lavender, jasmine, Rosemary, sweet marjoram, sandalwood, clove, bergamot and geranium. These oils are generally suitable for direct application on the skin, but should be diluted first. Dropper bottles of these essential oils are generally great quality and are good for use in the home or bath. They are also less expensive than some of the other options that are available, which makes them a great investment.

The best lavender essential oil to buy will be one that is in the form of a liquid spray. These types of sprays are available as both a drop or capful and are very easy to apply – any body therapist or masseur will be able to tell you how to use these products correctly. If you are buying drops of essential oil in a bottle, bear in mind that the drops may need to steep for a few minutes before you are able to shake them up, and this could make them less effective as you may find that your skin feels worse after applying the drops compared to when you started. A capful of undiluted lavender oil will have almost the same effect, and it is unlikely that the dropper bottle will have any noticeable effect on your skin as a result.

There is no single best Lavender scent, but there are several that are very popular. The scent, which is most often associated with lavender is that of a floral scent, although Rosemary and geranium are also well known and combine very well with the herbal properties of Lavender. Lavender is also popular with people who suffer from pollen allergies, as it has been shown to help reduce the severity of symptoms. Many people who have sensitive skin choose to only wear essential oils which are non-allergenic and Lavender are one of those. It is also a very common fragrance which can be found on numerous candles, so if you wish to add a little more “scent” to your own personal beauty routine, it may be a good idea to include Lavender in your list of choices when purchasing your skin care products.

Bottom Line

For many years the most effective treatment for a wide variety of sleep disorders has been essential natural lavender oil. Recent scientific findings have shown that lavender oil has anti-depressant properties, and the oil can even help treat some forms of cancer. If you suffer from insomnia or sleeping problems, trying a quality organic lavender oil for insomnia may help you get a better night’s rest.

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