Essential Oil Bracelet: The True Blend Of Fashion, Aromatherapy, And Wellbeing

essential oil bracelet

What is the trendiest and most demulcent accessory these days that is a pure trademark of fashion with the benefits of Aromatherapy resulting in your eventual state of wellbeing? An essential oil bracelet is the ultimate answer.

Generally, essential oils are used to calm your mind, body, and soul. Their scent fills an individual with positivity, calmness, and instant relief from stress and anxiety. These oils can help you through Aromatherapy at home or in spas. But what if you need them at any moment of the day when you are out of your place? The essential oil bracelet works wonders in such situations by helping you with your sense of smell.

What Is An Essential Oil Bracelet?

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An essential oil bracelet is generally made with either Lava stone beads, wood, clay, or leather inserts, to which the essential oil of your choice is applied. The common factor amongst the materials of the essential oil bracelet is that they are porous and absorbing so that they can hold the scent of the essential oil for longer and throughout the day.

The essential oil bracelet is usually made plain just with beads made up of lava stone, clay, or wood, or customized delicately by combining natural gemstones or crystals with them. Thus this combination gives you the benefits of Aromatherapy along with astrological advantages.

How Are The Essential Oils Applied To The Essential Oil Bracelet? 

Essential Oils

This is the easiest step to carry the scent of your choice along with you on the go. Initiate with choosing your favorite essential oil that calms your senses the best, like lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, lemon, cinnamon, orange, grapefruit, or frankincense.

Further, take a few drops of it with the dropper and pour it in the porous material beads of your essential oil bracelet. Rub the surface of the bracelet gently so that it absorbs the essence to the core of it. This way, the scent stays for long without getting evaporated quickly.

Benefits Of Using Essential Oil Bracelet

There are several benefits of the essential oil bracelet, just besides adoring and enhancing the beauty of your hands.

  1. It is the best way to keep yourself calm on the go. Either you are at work, traveling, or shopping, your essential oil bracelet provides you with the scent absorbed in it to release your stress and anxiety instantly.
  1. Several issues like sleep disorder, depression, lack of concentration, headache, loss of memory, digestion, etc., are prevented with this bracelet.
  1. The essential oil bracelet works as a beautiful accessory and could be worn on any occasion by men, women, or even kids. Being made with natural and earthy materials like wood, clay, and lava stone, it suits all your outfits well.
  1. Lava beads are obtained from volcanic rocks, so they are highly efficient absorbents. Moreover, when combined with your suitable crystal or gemstone, the elegance and the healing energies would eventually enhance.


The essential oil bracelet is thus a must-have in your jewelry collection to fill your day with multiple benefits. This bracelet is a wonderful replacement for your regular perfume fragrances. To get the most of it, you are suggested to opt for better quality essential oil fragrances.

To conclude, with the best suitable essential oil bracelet, you’d be ahead in terms of fashion, oozing out the best of aroma, and blessed with better wellbeing.

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