Holistic Person Is Key To Health

holistic person

What holistic means in terms of holistic medicine: holistic medicine is a way of looking at the person as a whole, and they have to look at their body, mind, and spirit when trying to help or cure them. This is because holistic practitioners see health as more than just the absence of illness, meaning holistic practitioners will look outside of the symptoms to find out what is causing them.

You’d be surprised at how many people ask this question without any idea about what holistic even means! And some people think they know but their definition is incomplete or inaccurate.

People sometimes think holistic health means the holistic person is key to holistic medicine, and holistic treatment depends on the holistic provider. This is not correct; it’s the other way around. These two things don’t depend on each other – holistic health does not depend on the holistic person or vice versa as the article will explain.

The reason why some people think holistic health depends on a holistic person is that holistic medicine or holistic treatment makeup holistic health, but they are the same as a holistic approach, not the same as holistic health. It helps to understand it like this:

Holistic Person is Key to Holistic Approach

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Health is a holistic approach; healthy people are those who have a holistic approach to health. They are holistic in their approach to health just as holistic practitioners are holistic in their approach to medicine.

You can not have holistic health without holistic people because holistic health is what healthy people have, but the holistic person and holistic health are different things. This means you can have the same mindset as someone else who has a holistic approach to health yet you yourself might not be a holistic person.

You have to have the holistic approach to health, not just the mindset of a holistic person, for holistic health. A holistic practitioner can also have a holistic approach without being a holistic person because their role is the medicine, not the patient.

Holistic Health Is Changing Direction

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When you think about holistic health, there are two things that come to mind: holistic medicine and holistic treatment. Holistic medicine leads people towards holistic therapy, but something has changed recently that makes holistic therapy less likely for holistic practitioners.

If holistic medicine is the holistic approach to holistic therapy, then holistic therapy must be holistic health. These two things are not the same because there is no holistic therapy without holistic practitioners, but holistic medicines and holistic therapies have been linked together for a long time. However now holistic medicines aren’t always followed by holistic therapies even though they used to be, and holistic medicine leads people to holistic therapy directly.

Final Verdict

Holistic health used to be holistic medicine and then holistic treatment, and holistic practitioners did holistic therapies, but that’s no longer true. Now holistic practitioners can do holistic medicines but not always holistic therapies, so instead of leading to holistic therapy, they lead towards it.

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